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Welcome to Shift Divorce Guide
Northern Nevada

Blindsided? Confused? Angry? What do I do first?

Hello and welcome to Shift Divorce Guide! If you are contemplating or are in the process of a separation or divorce, you’ve found the ultimate resource for shifting though the coming phases of your life. Everyone was standing in line to get you married, but until now there was nothing to guide us through the practical needs of dissolving a relationship.

Geographically localized, you’ll find Nevada licensed Family Law Attorney’s, Real Estate Professionals and Counseling. Everything Kids and Everything Pets help with details you don’t even realize you’re going to need. We address Military Divorce, Divorce Equality and even Senior Care. As you shift from one phase to another, immediate answers will be here!

Use the Checklist’s to help you start thinking. Sift through the Trusted Local Resources. Research the Tip’s and Information in the Articles. Save your Favorites, creating your personal recovery team.  Link, email, call or go ~ a compassionate community is ready to help.

It is my sincere intention is that Shift provides the information that will empower you to be more confident with your decisions. This isn’t fun, but it can be made easier.

Dina Zeri, Divorce Liaison / Publisher

Dina Zeri - Divorce Liaison