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About the Publisher, Dina Zeri

Dina Zeri, born Albuquerque, New Mexico.   59 years old, Single.

I have 2 adult children and 5 grandchildren. 3 ex-husbands; both of my kid’s father’s are deceased.

My professional background includes: Car driving Mary Kay Lady. Husband #2 and I owned a Vacuum & Sewing Center. I have 15 years experience selling everything connected with Foodservice and Hospitality FF&E. I’ve sold ‘self-pleasure products’ at in home parties, and worked corporate events at an Amusement Park. Oh, and of course, Uber.

In 2015, I needed to help my siblings care for my aged and ill parents in Albuquerque. I mostly lived in my RV in their driveway for over 2 years, until they both passed 3 months apart in 2018. While flipping loads of laundry and untangling oxygen lines, I remember thinking, “How could the challenges in my life have been made easier?” The idea for a Divorce Guide started to funnel in to my brain. I was deeply contemplating my own life, as I watched the life in my Mom disappear. I just started to write.

My marriage and divorce history (in case you were wondering!):

I got married the first time at 16. Out of a battered women’s shelter, I was in divorce court the day before my 18th birthday…with a 3 month old baby and no high school diploma.

My second marriage of 12 years, found me running a prosperous business with a cocaine and alcohol addicted, cheating husband. My son was 6 and daughter 15 when we left.

Thirdly, 10 years with a kind man that also had a woman problem.  He was caught between his mother, his ex-wife, his daughter – and me. I was forfeited in the battle.

Now, you’d think I’d be getting better at divorce, right?!  (I suppose I needed to get better at marriage!) Not so, as every stage of my life and situation called for the same, yet different actions. I sought out ‘professional advice’ from friends, my Mother and of course, everyone at work. The neighbors started to run in the house if they saw me! Why wasn’t there an easy to follow checklist, along with a list of trustworthy professionals in my city to help me?

So, here we are. I loaded up my RV with Missy, my Mom’s shih tzu, and moved to Reno in 2018. The Divorce Capital of the World seemed to be the natural place to finish my thoughts and launch my business. It’s not been the smoothest of roads, there were more lessons I needed to be taught on your behalf.

I will continue to improvise, adapt, overcome and survive. Come with me, let’s shift into your new life phase, Be Brave!

Dina Zeri - Divorce Liaison

Matthew Minten, Web Designer

Matt is a native Renoite. He is a techy, web guy that loves to program but is also blessed with a creative streak. He does graphic design, web design and photography. He believes that anything can be done on your website; if you can think it up,  he can create it.

Matt is the owner of Inventive Web Design and has helped to put together SHIFT Divorce Guide. He can help you get your online presence in front of your market segment. Interconnecting your website with social media to make your life easier and allowing you to control your site in order to make changes when you want is his goal.

Matthew Minten - Inventive Web Design

A huge shout out to iPhoto and the incredible talents at pexels.com for the images I hope make the experience a little more comforting.