Dad’s Cooking Dinner – Sample Blog Post

Dad's Cooking Dinner - Extreme Single Father

Dad’s Cooking Dinner – Sample Blog Post

I am still getting used to having my two children, Noel, 9 and Cody, 7 every other weekend and each Wednesday evening. The term ‘visitation rights’ for my kids sounded like a jail sentence so I was looking for ways to make the time special while still acting like a parent.

Determined not be the pizza delivery Dad, I headed to the internet for delivered boxed meals. I was hooked by the convenient, healthy, no leftovers concept — and honestly to impress my kids that I could cook like a professional chef.

After researching what would work best for us, I chose More Than Mac as they offered a trial 3 meals at a reasonable cost along with free delivery. The meal selection was more exotic than we were used to, I didn’t know how the kids were going to react to some of the recipes. So, engaging my new minimized family, we sat down together and decided which meals to order. We overcame scrunched noses and a few “eewws” but finally made our decisions. We hung with pasta, chicken with something and a bbq pulled pork sandwich.

We arrived home on Friday to find our dinners on the doorstep. It was a bit like Christmas, unpacking and sorting the array of packages. The recipes were printed in full color on heavy card stock with step by step instructions. The only ingredients I needed to provide were cooking oil, salt and pepper.

Choosing the ‘safest’ Chicken Fettucini Alfredo with Broccoli, we gathered in the kitchen to create a new family tradition. Noel was in charge immediately, reading the recipe out loud and directing her brother to get this and get that. But, as the preparation progressed, Cody disappeared to play video games and Noel announced “that’s not how Mom does it”.

Somehow though, in twice the time given on the recipe card, I managed to get dinner on the table. It was easy enough and tasty, but my vision of extreme bonding was a bit disappointing.
We still have 2 meals to look forward to, which I am sure to be cooking mostly by myself after Noel opens a couple of the cool packages.

Our next odyssey will be going to the grocery store to buy burger makings for our new bbq grill.

As we try new things, get used to my new place and new dynamics, I want to continue to create and share life’s lessons — even if it determines that Wednesday is now officially pizza delivery night!

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