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Susan Giacobazzi

Find your true self. Create your best life.

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Find clarity. In times of life transitions, we need clarity more than ever! Coaching around CliftonStrengths can help you hold up that mirror, and learn to love what you see. Learn to use your strengths as often as humanly possible in all parts of your life. After all, not only is that what brings joy, but it’s the most effective way to live a life that reflects what’s important to you. Let’s make your core values the center of your decision-making, and figure out the path to you getting you the life you want.

Find confidence. Much like a personal trainer can keep you honest with your workouts, I can be the place where you make consistent progress on believing in what you offer the world – removing roadblocks like self doubt, apathy, and comparing yourself to society’s typical measuring stick. I’ll be your guide, your sounding board, and your cheerleader as you reveal the best version of yourself to present to the world. You’re a smart cookie. You can do this!

Find depth in your relationships. As we transition into new roles in life, our relationships can get all kinds of messed up. Our family, partner, friends, and colleagues can be hard to comprehend. It’s tough to understand why they do what they do, say what they say, and feel how they feel. The first step to jiving with others is knowing what it is you’re presenting to the people in your life, and whether or not it matches your strengths. Are you showing up in your relationships the way you always imagined you would or did you get lost along the way? Find that fine line where you stick up for what you want and need, but are still easy to live with. We’re shooting for somewhere between high maintenance and feeling like a doormat.

Find happiness. Are you not feeling the same sense of achievement you used to get from life? Wondering why you don’t get that warm and fuzzy feeling in your relationships, or feeling blah about work? Maybe you’re feeling like an imposter? Are you constantly annoyed by the people you choose to partner with? I’ll come with you on the search for the source for those feelings. It’s all good. It means you’re human.


Q How do we work together?

I see clients in person and on video calls!

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