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The family home needs to get sold. An amicable agreement could not be reached for one party to keep the house, it’s not affordable for one person, or the memories would simply be too much. Time to shift into adventure mode of selling the house and finding another home better suited to your new lifestyle.

This is not a good time in your life to be very trusting, so how do you find a reliable and honest Real Estate Agent? Do I even need one, or can I save money with For Sale By Owner?

The internet can make you an informed consumer, but a professional in the industry is worth the cost. The right agent can sell your existing home quicker than FSBO and help you buy your new dream house. The wrong agent can botch the transaction, leaving you with nowhere to call home.

It’s a good idea to interview 3 or 4 agents in reputable offices to find a good match for your situation, trust your instincts. Chances are you know an agent, or will get multiple referrals from friends and family. It might not be recommended to use a friend or family member that can get caught up in your drama, but plan on hurt feelings.

Be sure to let your agent know the home is part of a divorce settlement and offer your lawyer’s contact information. Decide who will be the main contact; you, your spouse or the lawyer. This listing won’t be easy for the agent, he or she has to walk the fine line between you two, while trying to do their best to complete possibly the largest transaction of your divorce. A title company will be the neutral party to carry out the terms of the divorce settlement laid out by the court and make payment to both parties.

Most real estate agents are independent contractors who are paid up to 6% commission based on the homes selling price and are paid from the home’s sale. The commission is usually split equally between the listing agent and the selling agent, chances are the sale will be brought by a buyer’s agent.
So, when paying up to 6% of your home’s selling price, how do you choose? Look for and discuss the following traits and credentials:

  • Self-motivated, has an engaging personality, is a problem solver.
  • Honesty and integrity, hustle and tenacity.
  • Understands the local housing market, attention to detail, communicates frequently.
  • Look at the agent’s current listings, talk with agents’ recent clients.
  • Find out how experienced an agent is, check for license and disciplinary actions.
  • Experience in your neighborhood and price range.

Your Real Estate Agent should be compassionate in finding you a new place to call home and competent in turning over your investment. Selling, buying and coordinating the move is delicate timing, let a professional help you find your new way home.

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